2012 Department of Defense- CoTCCC Study:


The Department of Defense commissioned a major independent study on hemostats to understand whether they should keep their current recommendation to use only QuikClot Combat Gauze.  The study tested Celox, Combat Gauze and other products, using the CoTCCC standard model of a femoral artery injury. READ THE STUDY


Now the power of CELOX™ is even GREATER.

Z-Fold Gauze • A Chitosan Product

CELOX™RAPID saves up to three minutes of critical patient care time to control bleeding, compared to other hemostat dressings.

  • Rapid Packing (1)

  • Rapid Compression (2)

  • Minimized Blood Loss (2)


CELOX™RAPID is reliable and suitable for…Application in ALL bleeding wounds:

  • Mild to Severe

  • High Pressure/High Volume

  • Arterial or venous

  • Penetrating or Open wounds

  • Bullet, Knife, BlastorShrapnel,

  • Burn wounds


Celox™ best

in class performance:


  • CELOX™ had the Highest

    Survival Rate 90 %.

  • Lowest Total Blood Loss.

  • Highest proportion

     achieving hemostasis.

  • Longest period of hemostasis.


CELOX™RAPID is the latest generation of the CELOX™ technology, the only FDA approved product with a faster treatment time and the outstanding performance of CELOX™.


Is an instinctive way of using CELOX™RAPID to stop mild/severe bleeding.


 Just pack the wound and apply pressure, as needed

- it’s safe, easy and very effective.

Reference:   Comparison of novel hemostatic gauzes to QuikClot Combat Gauze in a standardized swine model of uncontrolled hemorrhage.  Naval Medical Research Unit San Antonio Technical Report #TR-2012-22.  Rall JM, Cox, JM, Songer A,  Comeaux JA, Estep JS, Cestero RF, Ross JD.

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