Reducing Morbidity and Mortality by

Enhancing the “Golden Hour” through innovation.



Founded September 2011, Advanced Trauma SpecialtiesLLC was formed to provide national/international marketing, sales and education, of the CELOX™ product line (specifically RAPID) on behalf of BioStatLLC (Exclusive Distributor)of MedTrade (The Manufacturer). 


Our company is young; however, our principals have a very long and distinguished background as First Responders (Fire/EMS/LEO), Administrators, Educators, In Hospital and Urgent Care Providers.  We hope to translate this experience to both the general community and our respective peer communities to educate and bring a superior product to the marketplace.


One of our critical missions is to educate our peer communities about the successful use of hemostatic agents to


reduce Morbidity and Mortality from potentially critical incidents occurring within our own peer groups, as well as, to enhance knowledge and ultimately the level of care offered to the general public in their critical times of need.  We believe our product to be a cost effective means of saving many lives and we are offering a new philosophy on treatment of one of the leading causes of death, exsanguinations.


Researchers from NAMRU-SA, (in their 2012 study), using the CoTCCC standard model of a femoral artery injury, reports that CELOX™ line of products as the Best in Class Hemostatic Agent with a:  90% Survival Rate, Lowest total blood loss,Highest proportion of achieving hemostasis,  and Longest period of hemostasis, .  This can only translate into Saving Lives.

Mission Plan:

The mission of Advanced Trauma Specialties, LLC is to make a positive difference in overall outcomes of patient care by providing cutting edge medical solutions to trauma and specialty treatment.  Advanced Trauma Specialties is a value driven company guided by the principals of strong customer service, advocacy for public safety, desire to provide for quality patient care, research and quality training in the utilization of our products.The products represented by Advanced Trauma Specialties are truly believed to revolutionize patient care in trauma and specialty care situations.

Partner Bio’s


Dr. William (Bill) Brooks a career medical professional with over thirty five years of experience in Emergency, Occupational and Substance Abuse medicine. 



Ron Otterbacher a career public safety professional, has served as a firefighter/paramedic, deputy   sheriff, tactical operator and SWAT Medic for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office where he was promoted through the ranks to Division Chief.