1. What is Celox™?

Celox is a very effective hemostat granule. It is made of a propriety composition which contains chitosan. Chitosan is a natural polymer extracted and highly purified from using shrimp shells. Celox's composition is protected by 3 international patent applications. RETURN TO TOP


2.  How does Celox™ work?

Celox bonds to the surface of red blood cells and platelets to produce a gel like clot or plug. It works independently of the body’s normal clotting mechanism and can clot hypothermic or even heparinized blood. RETURN TO TOP


3.  Is Celox™ a Pharmaceutical?

No. Celox is a Medical Device. It is regulated in a similar but more diligent way than Band Aid. RETURN TO TOP


4. Will Celox™ stop severe life threatening bleeding?

Yes, if applied to the bleeding vessel Celox can stop the severe bleeding from a severed artery. In testing by the US Marines Celox was the only product to obtain 100% survival. Journal of academic emergency medicine Jan 08, pages 74-81. RETURN TO TOP


5. Will Celox™ clot blood containing anticoagulants such as Coumadin?

Yes, Celox has been tested and proven to clot blood containing heparin and Coumadin (generic name warfarin).  The FDA have reviewed these tests and allowed us to make this claim. RETURN TO TOP


6. Will Celox™ clot hypothermic blood?

Yes, Celox has been tested and proven to clot blood as cool as 56oF. The FDA have reviewed these tests as part of our 510k application and by BSI as part of our class 3 CE Mark. RETURN TO TOP


7. Can Celox™ be easily removed from a wound?

Yes. In cases of emergency bleeding, Celox should be left in the wound until the patient in seen by medical personnel. It can then be easy removed. Remove as much as possible by hand, then irrigate the wound with water or saline. In cases of minor bleeding Celox can be removed once the wound has stabilized. This can be as short as 10 minutes. Irrigate with water or saline.


Chitosan is a natural polysaccharide (polymer made of sugars) and has been shown to be broken down to basic sugars (glucosamine & n-acetyl glucosamine) by lysozyme, one of the body’s normal enzymes.

Celox™ does NOT use non degrading procoagulant minerals or nano particles such as smectitie or kaolin, which will remain in the body indefinitely unless completely removed. RETURN TO TOP


8. What shelf life does Celox™ have?

3 years at manufacture. We have tested and proven that Celox will still pass its original specification after 3 years ageing. These results were reviewed by the FDA as part of our 510k approval and by BSI as part of our class 3 CE Mark. RETURN TO TOP


9. Is Celox™ suitable for minor wounds?

Yes. It will stop minor bleeding fast reducing blood loss and giving you more control. RETURN TO TOP


10. Will Celox™ adversely affect later wound healing?

No. Celox has been tested on full thickness skin wounds to show that wound healing continues normally after its use. RETURN TO TOP


11. Does Celox™ generate heat?

No. CeloxTM has been tested and shown not to generate increases in heat during blood clotting. RETURN TO TOP


12. How is Celox™ used?

CeloxTM use is easy. Open package, Pack And Press.

  • Open package on to the area of the wound.

  • Pack any cavity with either Celox™ gauze.

  • Press. Compress the wound to push the Celox™ into place and stop blood flow for a short period while

    the Celox™ clot develops and strengthens.


The amount of time and pressure required depends on the pressure at which blood is coming out of the body. For minor wounds, finger tip pressure for a few seconds should be adequate. For moderate/severe bleeding strong pressure for up to 3-5 minutes or as long as reasonable in the circumstances, is advised.


Should a wound start to rebleed (and you believe Celox™ was put over the bleeding area) then just hold pressure for longer.


Additional packs can be used if required. RETURN TO TOP