Rapid Compression

 CELOX™RAPID speeds up compression time.  This is demonstrable based on in vivo results that are similar or better after one minute than results after three minutes compression for ChitoGauze or QuikClot Combat Gauze in previous studies. Based on independent study,  CELOX™RAPID can eliminate the compression step entirely after packing.  Thus, it can be transformational in the market and represents a generational step (“fourth generation”).

Reduced blood loss

The  CELOX™RAPID results give reduced blood loss compared to historical results from similar studies.

Stability in Evacuation

The gauze maintains its volume and adhesion to wet tissue during use, helping it to stay in place during patient transport and maintain hemostasis during transit. In comparative testing against Chitogauze and Combat Gauze,  CELOX™RAPID demonstrated significantly stronger adhesion after treatment at time intervals of one minute, three minutes and twenty minutes. Because  CELOX™RAPID sticks to wet tissue, its use results in performance benefits including hemostasis speed, reduced blood loss and safer transit of severely wounded patients and reduces environmental contamination through physical (gel) barrier.



CELOX™RAPID is made with chitosan, a compound derived from shrimp shells.  Allergy studies have shown no adverse reaction to chitosan, even in subjects with a suspected shellfish allergy.  Chitosan is not a pro-coagulant, so  CELOX™ products do not set off a blood clotting response which would lead to clots being formed at a distance to the product.  Chitosan is a natural polysaccharide and residuals are broken down to basic sugars (glucosamine andn-acetyl glucosamine) by lysozyme (5).   CELOX™ granules have been subject to an independent assessment by an external safety expert and concluded to present no risk when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for use.


Key Users

The key users of  CELOX™RAPID are professionals exposed to situations where traumatic blood loss can occur, including Military, special forces, tactical units, law enforcement, first responders and emergency services personnel. Where the relevant need derives from the importance of speed in dealing with severe and/or multiple casualties,  CELOX™RAPID is the superior choice.



 CELOX™RAPID is priced competitively with existing hemostatic products, particularly in consideration of its favorable results in savings of time, material, risk to first responders in hazardous situations, and lives of severely wounded casualties.