When CELOX™ crystals come in contact with blood, CELOX™RAPID swells, gels, and sticks together to make a gel-like clot.

CELOX™ was originally developed to assist military medics with some of the worst wounds imaginable. It’s been to Afghanistan and Iraq and helped save many lives.


It can stop lethal femoral artery bleeding with 3 minutes compression and stop more minor bleeding in seconds.


Even when mixed with a massive excess of blood, Celox™ forms a gel like clot in 30 seconds.

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CELOX™ granules are actually very high surface area flakes.CELOX™RAPID’s positively charged chitosan is the activated particle in Chito-R which attracts the negatively charged platelets, while rapidly absorbing fluid.  This process creates a robust gel plug over the bleeding source independent of the body’s intrinsic clotting cascade.  The activated chitosan does not initiate the clotting cascade, so there is no thrombogenic response which would result in clots being formed at a distance to the product.  This is different from mineral-based hemostat products and many of the surgical and fibrin sealants.  The activated chitosan in Chito-R is anamino polysaccharide. Residual chitosan will be enzymatically broken down, by lysozymes human enzyme present in tears, saliva and mucus in the body, to basic amino-sugars: glucosamine and N-acetyl-glucosamine which helps to lubricate joints.5,



CELOX™ stops bleeding by the granules bonding with red blood

   cells and electro-statically to platelets.


CELOX™ binds to the platelet in the normal clotting cascade; and 

   works to absorb fluids and bind other blood components it comes

   direct in contact with - without the chance of embolic phenomena.


CELOX™ mode of action has a number of big benefits:

    • CELOX™ clotting ability has been proven to work in the

      presence of common anti-coagulants such as

      Warfarin(Coumadin)… Read more…

    • CELOX™ clotting ability has been proven to work in the

      presence of Heparin… Read more…

    • CELOX™ rapidly clots in environmental extremes and reflex

      hypothermia caused from excessive blood loss - hypothermic

      (cold) blood… Read more…

    • CELOX™ clot has No Thrombogenic Response



  CELOX™RAPID is suitable for:

     • Severe high pressure bleeding

     • Arterial and venous bleeding

     • Bullet, blast, knife and shrapnel wounds

     • Wound packing

     • Applying through strong blood flows

     • Application to all bleeding wounds


  CELOX™RAPID has been shown in testing to...

     • Reliably stop arterial bleeding

     • Minimize blood loss2


CELOX™RAPID has been shown to...

     • Save lives

     • Reliably stop arterial bleeding6

     • Significantly reduce blood loss6

     • Clot blood containing coagulants like Coumadin (Warfarin)

     • Quickly clot hypothermic (cold) blood