Using Celox™is easy. You just apply/pack it into the bleeding area and apply pressure, as needed. This pressure forces the Celox™ into close contact with the bleeding area.


For minor bleeding: finger tip pressure is effective and an efficient clot will form in a matter of seconds.


For more moderate to severe bleeding: full compression (as it is taught in First Aid Training) for 3 minutes is required or as needed. This gives the Celox™ pseudo clot time to form and strengthen to hold back bleeding.


Celox™ flakes swell, gel, and stick together when in contact with blood to make a gel like pseudo clot.  CeloxTM works by bonding with red blood cells and through electro-static binding to the platelet, thereby gelling with fluids to produce a sticky pseudo clot.  This clot sticks well to moist tissue to plug the bleeding site, without the chance of embolic phenomena.


1  Fill the wound with

     Celox™RAPID Gauze.


2  Pack the wound.


3  Apply pressure, as needed.


The Critical Difference

Celox™RAPID speeds up both of these steps, saving critical time and offering a better outcome for the casualty.